Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yikes: Palin Can't Name One Newspaper She Reads

Which papers do you read each day? What are your primary news sources?

Those probably don't seem like difficult questions to you, but readers of political blogs tend to be news junkies. Still, you'd expect a candidate for the vice presidency of the United States to have an answer, or at least be able to fake an answer by simply naming two or three papers - right?

I'm so very worried. I hope our voters are better informed than Palin...

And you - what papers do you read, and what do you believe someone could learn about you by your news consumption choices?

(h/t Think Progress)


frau sally benz said...

When I saw this, I thought she would at least mention a local Alaska paper or maybe the biggies -- NYT, Washington Post, WSJ, something! I understood what she meant when she said that she read whatever was in front of her at the time, b/c I'm that way too, but the rest of her answer made her look very ignorant. Coupled with her earlier comments about how she knew of the surge only through the news, this isn't very good.

frau sally benz said...

Oh, oops, I forgot to answer the question =)

I read amNY, the free local paper here. I read NYT online, and stick to the major news websites like MSNBC, CNN, and ABC News.

Maggie said...

To figure out what's up with Palin, I think this article is pretty useful:

If at all possible, she refuses to give specific answers and sticks to vague and general ones. I expect the same from her in the debate and I'm actually thinking she'll come off looking much better than we expect because she won't blow it unless she really tries to get specific about stuff she doesn't know.

As for me, my reading does show me to be pretty blatantly partisan. While I hit NYT and WaPo most days, during the election I get a lot of info from TPM and other blatantly liberal sites.

Habladora said...

Perhaps Palin was simply avoiding the question out of habit, or maybe her question dodging was due to a desire hide what her news choices would tell about her. Perhaps. Yet, her no-direct-answers strategy is generally employed by people who have no answers to give. Of course, it looks worse when combined with the other clips we've seen from the Couric interview and she might do better with this same strategy in the debate.

As for my news choices:
I read the NYT and listen to either NPR's Morning Edition or NPR's All Things Considered daily. I'd have to say that NPR is the source I rely on most.

Then there are my news feeds, which I also read through daily. The ones I generally read several pieces a day from are:
The BBC's World Edition
El Pais (from Spain)
Washington Post

Of course, I also read The Guardian and The American Prospect pretty regularly. I don't really like Slate.

Lots of people would say those choices (except the WSJ) make me look very liberal. I say that the fact that being a NYT/WaPo/NPR fan makes me seem liberal points to the fact that our country is super conservative.

Casmall said...

The Onion..exclusively. I believe its my God given right to choose what kind of facts I'm exposed to, and I like my news funny.
check this out