Sunday, October 26, 2008

Paris Hilton = Patriotic ?!?

God Bless America. While I support the country, I can think of 237 reasons why America is less than love worthy. Paris Hilton is one of them. (Honestly the ready availability of animal print hotpants might also make the list).

What would make your list of top reasons to love America? The site outlines why I think we'll all have a lot more things to celebrate in the future.


ToughGirl101 said...

In America, I'm not an asinine ornament like Paris Hilton. I'm completely allowed to be a bitch with a brain. I think that's kinda cool.

Ms. Feasance said...

I didn't used to be a Paris Hilton defender. I used to think she was silly, and stupid, and needed to get a job.
But so help me Maude, if I read another comment on io9 slagging off what looks to be a kick-ass film just because she's in it, or another blog post that bashes on Paris Hilton--who is still female and still does charity work, no matter how much she may collude/coast by on self-objectification --just for existing, my head might explode. By all means, call her out for her rampant self-objectification and living in a place of privilege. But don't just post a picture and say the equivalent of "O LOOK PARIS HILTON LOLZ!"

Habladora said...

Well, I don't know anything about this magazine or about Paris Hilton, but I agree that we could come up with a better list of 237 Reasons to Love the United States - and I bet we could do it without listing any Hollywood personalities. Toughgirl101 started:
1. We, as women, have the right to equal education opportunities and don't have to depend on our 'feminine wiles' to get by - we can all be bitches with brains (cheers, Tough)
I'll continue:
2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg - you might not agree with every ruling, but you have to admit that she's pretty bad-ass.

Anonymous said...

3) I have never thought that because I am a woman, I shouldn't speak my mind.

Anonymous said...

4. Freedom of religion
5. Planned Parenthood
6. Daily Show/Colbert Report

Habladora said...

7. The Bill of Rights
8. Jazz music (particularly Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday)
9. Bluegrass Music
10. This American Life
11. Jeans and sneakers for all
12. Sarah Vowel