Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Babies vs. Xenophobes

That's right, xenophobes, our strategy has been revealed - our army of babies will ensure that your worst fear will be realized:

Did you see how my new favorite Aussie vlogger Natalie got around to mocking not one, but two flavors of racism? Brilliant.

(h/t Guanabee)


Amelia said...

haha wow. That was great. Thanks for sharing!

petpluto said...

I love this!

Renee said...

I loved this and so identified with it. As a black Canadian woman I am always asked where am I from really. There is this idea in western countries that despite bodies of color being here for generations that we are always interlopers into white territory.

Kris-Stella said...

This was so spot on! Thanks!

Ol Cranky said...

dead brilliant, that!

does the racist realize that the great white foundation of Australia was a bunch of criminals?

Jha said...


Pure gold!