Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate: A Drinking Game

This game brought to you by Lindsay of Female Impersonator:
The Biden/Palin Vice-Presidential Debate Drinking Game!

One drink:
Palin calls herself a hockey mom
Biden mentions George Bush
Palin says "thanks but no thanks" in any context
Either candidate says:

Two drinks:
Palin is unable to give specific examples for McCain/Republican policies
Biden insults Obama or the Democratic party
Either candidate references "Wall Street" or "Main Street"
Either candidate mispronounces a foreign leader's name
Either candidate tries to convince people energy dependence is the number 1 foreign policy issue
Either candidate uses proximity to foreign borders as an example of foreign policy experience
Either candidate actually looks at one another

Finish your drink:
Palin mentions George Bush (by name)
Palin tears off her face, revealing her as a Terminator
Palin is actually Tina Fey
Biden's face turns bright red and then explodes
Gwen Ifill, pissed off by both candidates, storms off state while muttering to herself
Biden unhinges his jaw and swallows Palin whole
Thanks, Lindsay, for inventing a drinking game for tonight's debate - this is sure to make the evening more bearable. As for me, I'm just looking forward to seeing Gwen Ifill moderate...


frau sally benz said...

I've been trying to avoid drinking lately, so I'll be playing Palin Bingo instead!! Hopefully my multi-tasking will let me play and live twitter the debate at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I just printed out all of the cards for tonight! I just hope Biden doesn't embarass us too much!

Maggie said...

Yeah, won't get a chance to use this. I decided a few days ago that Palin officially has nothing left to lose and I fully expect her to knock one out of the park. I'm so dreading it that I wasn't going to watch. But I've been convinced to watch it drunk. So my drinking game will be long over.

Maggie said...

Btw, debate is starting. I am nowhere near drunk enough.

Lindsay said...

The use of "maverick" alone was enough to put someone in a coma...

Habladora said...

Unfortunately, we added 'fear' to the 'one drink' category, so I was pretty toasted after Palin's first answer.

I think Biden did really well, though! I like him better right now than I did 90 min ago...

Mächtige Maus said...

We added "fundamental" so that got us feeling pretty by the end of the evening as well.

Who would have predicted that also adding in "candidate winking at you" would have created several additional drinks? I know there are a lot of things I could focus on with the debate last night, but I am going with this one: I really don't need my vice president winking at me.

NewsCat said...

At my house we drank every time Biden flubbed a line or Palin used a folksy collequism.

Maggie said...

Turns out I was drunk enough. My anxiety gradually faded. Although it did lead to a few random zingers. Such as my surprise that Palin would attribute the "city on a hill" line to Reagan, which is correct, but neglect to namecheck the original author of the line: Jesus.

Habladora said...

Ha - awesome...
The way most Republican candidates talk about Regan and Jesus I do sometimes wonder if they don't quite realize they're not one and the same...

NewsCat said...

Hmmm...good question which would have been better to namecheck, Jesus or Reagan?

Anonymous said...

FYI--I won Bingo last night. It was a slightly boring debate, but I loved the Demo stance on gay rights (they're for them!) and Biden tearing up.