Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Daily Activism

I know I am cheating on this post since it is more of a forward rather than an actual post of my own making, but I want to share with you all an email I just received from and encourage you to sign the Keep Our Commitments Petition.
Dear MM,

I want to share a video with you from an amazing speech I heard last night. It was given by one of our founders, Bono. He spoke at the 2008 California Women’s Conference, an event bringing together thousands of women who are inspiring and empowering others through their work, lives and stories.

Click below to watch highlights from the speech and sign the petition:

If you’re as inspired by Bono’s message as I am, I hope you’ll add your name to the same petition he asked everyone at the Women’s Conference to support. It’s a petition 53,000 other ONE members have already signed, calling on John McCain and Barack Obama to keep their commitments to fight global poverty even during these difficult economic times.

In just the last week, people from across the political spectrum, from Colin Powell to President Bush to Robert Rubin, have come forward to stress the importance of international development in our foreign policy. America’s leadership against extreme poverty is more important than ever. As Bono said last night: “When America looks outside of itself, its view of itself is never clearer. Its faith in itself is never firmer. Its purpose is never stronger. Today, at a time when America, again, is tempted to turn inward, turn away from the world and its troubles, it is more essential than ever that you look outward.”

We’re still looking outward because we know America can and must lead the fight to end global poverty.

Thank you for making a difference,

David Lane,

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