Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Girls Are Funny: Sarah Haskins

Actually, this is just a linky post to tell you that there is an interview with Sarah Haskins of Target Women up over at Jezebel, and I think she and Dodai are new BFF. I wonder how I get into that club?

Oh, this is the Target Women that S.H. says is her favorite:

And just to link back into the 'Girls Are Funny' post title - who is your favorite lady comedian?

(h/t bucking the wave)


M.W. said...

Ellen. She isn't just funny, she's also a really good role model. I think she does a good job reminding people that 'teh gays' are actually just normal people, not scary aliens with an evil agenda.

Casmall said...

Sam Bee of the Daily Show has always been one of the funniest people on TV. Also you've got to like Amy Sedaris.

fourth wave said...

Tina Fey (she doesn't do stand-up, but I think she still counts as a comedian).

Also, Ellen and Bridget McManus.

Mächtige Maus said...

M.W. Speak for yourself. I have a completely evil agenda!

No no no...I am totally kidding.

But Ellen is the way to go for me. It is all about her humor and her ability to show grace in a world where Prop8 is a ballot measure.

Kathy Griffin can be pretty funny as well as long as you go into it knowing she is an equal opportunity offender.

Habladora said...

Tina Fey is really funny - and she and I are both UVA alumni, so - yeah.

I also have to put in a good word for Wanda Sykes, who I've loved ever since seeing her on Jay Leno (here). Sarah Vowell is another a favorite of mine. I hear she has a new book out...