Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fun link to site that allows you to mix your own The words are spliced from her previous speeches.


Karen said...

what brilliant person developed this? it is hilarious! and so appropriate too.

Habladora said...

Wow, that picture that comes up of Palin is not OK.

Look, I don't like her policies. Truth be told, I don't like her. Yet, to belittle Palin by putting up a picture of her in a bikini looking like she's giving a hand job to a rifle is not acceptable. It isn't helpful to any woman to attack Palin's sexuality rather than her ideology.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I thought that the purpose of feminism was to protect all women from sexism, not just the ones we like. Would it be OK to see Hillary Clinton featured this way?

Amelia said...

I came back here to comment on the exact same thing: Palin in a bikini with a gun?

Sexism. And not cool.

Nigel said...

I'm so glad to see you all have come around to seeing things my way. I look forward to seeing some more posts like this one soon. May I suggest:

1. Boobies!
2. Boobies make you stupid.
3. You can't respect women, because they have boobies.

Oh, and my mother says to remind you that I'm not a sexist pig.