Sunday, October 12, 2008

Target Women: Number 2 Is (Super Secret) Job 1!

Happy Sunday - make sure you make time for fiber ;)

(Hat tip to Petpluto, who always beats me to these.)


Amelia said...

hahaha I think that one may be my favorite. I was laughing about this so hard that my friend living in the room next door had to ask what was so funny.

Kris-Stella said...

"No one sounds like this." Hahaha, so true! This was great, thanks!

Habladora said...

I love the commercial where they try to make fiber look 'sexy' or 'chic' by having fashionably dressed women dance around while looking through glasses full of 'clear fiber.' S.H. has a real knack for seeing through B.S. - or, since we're ladies, perhaps we should say B.F. - bull fiber.