Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Evening Links

1. Who was the women who could have saved us from the financial crisis, but was ignored by Greenspan et al.? AlterNet knows, and will introduce you.

2. On National Coming Out Day, Pam asked us all to come out - as allies.

3. Frank Rich and Jezebel both explain how McCain and Palin have been race-baiting in truly frightening and reprehensible ways. The odd thing is, as McCain alternates between making Obama sound scary and then distancing himself from his supporters' more vile assertions, he doesn't seem to realize that his campaign is encouraging their fears and misconceptions.

4. Feminist Law Professors have introduced me to On the Issues Magazine, which has some interesting pieces in this edition.

5. Even more nun news: India's first female saint.

6. The NYT explains why sweetie, dear, and other condescending forms of address hurt the elderly. Jessica adds some commentary over at Feministing.

7. A small group of vigilante modesty police have been attacking women in Israel.

8. discusses of feminism's Third Wave, and the difficulties of defining it.

9. Illegally removing voters from the rolls might have a serious impact on this year's elections.

10. Renee reports on the frightening story of a young black woman who was beaten in a McDonalds by a white man - no one helped her.

11. Apparently we live in a time when not photoshopping a woman's image on the cover of a magazine is disrespectful, particularly if that woman is not Hillary Clinton - Art at the Auction has more.

12. The BBC reports on the sad situation of the surrogate mother industry as it exists in India, a country that has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.

What else have you been reading and writing about this week?

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