Monday, October 20, 2008

What Women Want?

What do you think of this mock 'women for John McCain' ad? Would it sway any of the women you know who are thinking of supporting McCain/Palin, or do they know McCain's policies and support them?


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Kekla said...

Honestly, I think this only BARELY reads as a mock ad. I know a few women who are voting for McCain who would not object to much of what is said here.

Example: A pro-McCain friend of mine talked about spending summer weekends in the Hamptons with her husband. The exchange ended as follows:

HER: "We like to be near the golf course."

ME: (surprised) "Oh, do you golf?"

HER: "No, silly, just my husband."

ME: "I figured, but it would have been sexist to assume..."

HER: (patting my arm) "It's okay. You can be sexist with me."

And, yes, that's a DIRECT QUOTE. She's fervently in the camp that believes men should be paid more so they can provide for their family. Sigh. Apparently all we feminists need is a rich husband so we can stop worrying so much...