Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans' Day and Anti-Choice Protesters

California NOW alerts us to the fact that Veterans' Day -that's right, November 11th - has increasingly become a day of anti-choice protests and violence over the last decade:

Over the years, four doctors who provide abortion service have been shot around this date, and one, Dr. Bernard Slepian, was killed.

If you do not already participate in a clinic escort program, you can contact your local NOW chapter to find out how you can volunteer to help women receive needed health services without harassment.

I like that California NOW doesn't merely report the rise in protests, but suggests a way to combat the harrassment. You can also check out their video explaining how the escort program works at their site.


Renee said...

I had not idea of the association of Remembrance day with the murder of innocents. How does killing doctors correalte to soldiers and war? I know that pro life people don't make any sense but really this time I am really at a loss to see the link

Habladora said...

I taught at a private school with a religious association last year (yes, they knew I wasn't one of them), and parents would try to organize anti-choice protests every federal holiday. It seemed that the only requirements were 1. time off work or school and 2. no religious association.

The creepiest thing was the pushing of teens to join the protests.