Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Linkage

1. The military is pushing for a repeal of the 'don't ask don't tell' policy.

2. In England and Wales, laws regulating prostitution are about to be changed. "Anyone who knowingly pays illegally trafficked women for sex could face rape charges, while kerb crawlers could face prosecution for a first offence."

3. Brazil is 'cracking down' on women who've received illegal abortions, investigating and prosecuting women reported to have terminated any pregnancy that was not either the result of rape or a threat to the mother's life. Sure, anti-choicers sometimes brush-off the question of how much time a woman should get for having an abortion if we make it illegal, but the issue is real.

4. Seven (good) things Obama's win might mean for women's health!

5. Is there a shift in the abortion debate away from questions of 'to ban or not to ban' to 'how do we reduce the number of abortions'?

6. Civil unions for all - helpful or simply a bad idea?

7. Another last-minute Bush rule change will target family and medical leave.

8. There's more nonsense from that California professor making such a fuss about his school's insistence that he, like everyone else, attend the legally mandated sexual harassment seminar. Drama.

9. A lesser-known anti-choice law has gone into effect in South Dakota, where doctors must now tell women considering abortion that "she is terminating the life of 'a whole, separate, unique, living human being' with whom she has an 'existing relationship'..."

10. TransGriot writes about the importance of the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Alright, those are the links from me. I've been traveling, though, and am way behind on my reading - I'd love it if you'd fill me in on the other good stuff you've been writing and reading.


Sungold said...

Hi Habladora - Thanks for the link! I've been out of the loop myself - much more than you - these past few days. Here's wishing you happy travels.

habladora said...

I'm a little worried that December might be a bit like this too... I'm having a hard time keeping up the pace!

Sungold said...

Oh, I think we can get caught up in a sense of obligation to maintain a certain pace. Myself, I'm grateful to have a few loyal readers, and I don't want to disappoint. But we also have busy lives with responsibilities that usually trump blogging. I'm now done with the academic quarter and enjoying the start of a loooong winter break. Should be prepping the next quarter, but I've missed having time to write semi-thoughtful posts, and even more, I've missed commenting on other people's stuff. So here I am. :-)

Anyway, that's just a longwinded way of saying that I'm pretty sure most people understand fully if posting is light for a while.