Monday, November 3, 2008

Late with the Links

I know, I know - links are for Sunday. But we started watching Battlestar Galactica Season 3 on Sunday (yes, we have to get caught up - its very important), so I forgot the internets even existed for awhile. I'm back now, though, so without further ado...

1. New priests will undergo 'sex drive tests' that "aim to vet for those with 'deep-seated homosexual tendencies'"?

2. Light drinking during pregnancy might do some good.

3. The candidates differ a bit on relief for working families.

4. Women pay lots more than men for health insurance, even when childbirth isn't covered.

5. Sam Bee discusses penis babies.

6. Another "health" story in CNN about how women can seem sexier to men. Because that's pressing health issue for us ladies.

7. Univision is working to get out the Latino vote.

8. Vietnam might ban small-chested drivers.

9. A 17-year-old North Korean girl is changing the sport of boxing.

10. Dirty tricks aimed at keeping Virginia Democrats from voting made my mother-in-law, who lives in VA, really mad. UPDATE: The VA State Police have found the crooks responsible, although it is unsure whether or not they'll press charges. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, though, Noticed.

11. Is sex different in red states and blue states?

12. Anti-racist Parent takes on on race and Barbies.

13. November is National Novel Writing month, apparently. Make sure to write some interesting female characters.

14. Sally reminds us that there is more to an election than the national candidates - make sure you understand the issues that will be on your ballot before heading to the polls.

15. The Professor takes issue with the way we use the word tradition.


Amelia said...

My novel this year (for National Novel Writing Month) is actually a dystopia set in future America where the sexes are segregated after some naughty Feminists staged an unsuccessful revolt. I'm already at 8,000 words. :)

Habladora said...

Like all good lit majors, I'm working on a novel. Intrigue, betrayal, adventure... my book has it all. Its gonna be good - but ya gotta buy it to find out the specifics. No spoilers!

frau sally benz said...

Ooooh, link love! Nice!

I must say that Battlestar Galactica is a completely legitimate reason to slack on blogging. Although it might be this sort of thinking that has helped my recent blogging slump. *thinks for a moment*

Nope, BSG is still more important. =)

Noticed said...

Did you see that they found out who made the phony VA flyer?

The disturbing part is, they laughed it off as a "prank," and are not planning to press charges, even though giving false information to voters is a crime.

I found the story here:

Habladora said...

Oh, thanks for the link! They better press charges!