Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Late Night Links

I know, its still not Sunday and I'm all linky again. What can I say - I've gone rogue like an ill-informed Alaskan former Veep candidate, there's no controlling what I'll say next...

1. First off, there was some excellent morning-after blogging that resulted in good round-up posts that cover last night's ballot initiatives and down ballot races. Feminist Law Professors, Feministe, Feministing, and Broadsheet will fill you in on anything you missed during your drunken revelry and subsequent hangover.

2. Don't get too complacent, Bush still has the keys to the White House and plans to trash as much possible on the way out.

3. Science Woman introduces us to Sharon Long, one of Obama's science advisers.

4. The F-Word discusses boob jobs and the economic crisis - not necessarily in that order.

5. Is TV to blame for teen pregnancy? Really, what have kids been doing with those remotes?

6. Broadsheet is secretly glad the election is over so we can all quit talking about politics and start talking about orgasms - are women having enough?

7. The Gender Analyzer thinks Yours Truly (and all the other authors of this blog) must be male... I hope it's not right!

8. Pam's House Blend discusses the challenges that face the LGBT community, and about the next steps for us all to take towards equality.

9. Has this election changed how we see masculinity in the U.S. of A.?


Dee said...

Checked out some of your links. Can't say if gender analyzer is just hilarious or downright dumb. All my blogs are apparently written by men too even ceomum. Gosh, doggone it, maybe I need to start talkin downright Sarah Palin. Darnit you betcha start translating winks to print.

Habladora said...

Too funny... It does make me wonder what you'd have to write to get pegged for female. Since, being a feminist blog, we write a lot about women and the issues that impact us (including motherhood and family) I was surprised that it popped up 'male.'

So... flowers? Needlework? What does it take?