Thursday, November 20, 2008

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today has been designated as a day to mourn those who we have lost, people taken from us through violence and acts of hate. Mourning is important, and so is fighting. And the fight to end the hatred cannot be regulated to only one day. We must remember those who've been abused or killed and let that memory embolden us to oppose bigotry whenever and wherever we see it. Lindsay gives us one way to fight, but opportunities big and small exist all around us on a daily basis.

If anyone has not yet heard the incredible story that aired on NPR of two transgender children and their parents' very different decisions, go listen. Then make your friends and family listen. Since it is easiest to dehumanize people when the myths about them are more prominent than their true stories, I believe the NPR piece has a shot at doing some good.

Also, Feminist Law Professors points to a national survey on transgender experiences in the U.S., so if you identify as gender non-conforming in any way, you can take the survey here.

Finally, what have you done in the past to fight trans hate? What can we all do in the future? Who are you remembering today, on this day of mourning?

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