Saturday, August 30, 2008

Keeping Football Boys-Only

Kacy Stuart tried out for her high school's football team and made the cut. All summer she's been practicing and scrimmaging with the team, readying herself for the upcoming season. She was to be a kicker. Yet, as team photos were being taken last Thursday afternoon, Kacy Stuart was pulled aside and given the bad news:
...a couple of weeks ago... Hank St. Denis, executive board chairman of the Georgia Football League, realized a girl had been accepted onto one of its football teams. St. Denis overruled New Creation’s decision to let her join the team.

“He said she can’t play simply because she’s a girl,” Stuart said.

That's right - she earned her spot on the team and now, after putting in the work, she's not being allowed to play - because she's a girl.

The Georgia Football League can be contacted here, should anyone feel inclined to comment on this policy of discrimination.

UPDATE: ESPN has picked up this story.


Noticed said...

Thanks for your post. I'm pretty sure there are some Title IX implications here, if this is a school and she has no similar opportunity on a girls' football team.

Do you know this blog:

Most of the time I feel discouraged when I read it, because it reminds me of how far women still have to go in the world of sports. However, some of the time they report about small victories under Title IX that make me hopeful.

Noticed said...

Oh, but I see it's a private school. Perhaps public outcry or media pressure are the only way, like with this story:

Susan said...

It's not only a private school, but it's a Christian private school where "the education process ... is dependent upon a biblical philosophy". It's implied that no student can graduate from this school who does not "personally accept salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ".

Hall Monitor said...

This story is featured on It's the leader for crazy headlines from our schools.

Habladora said...

Since its the GA Football League pushing her off the team, and not the school, Title IX might apply...