Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mexico's Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Rights

I can't go to bed without mentioning today's news from Mexico:
Mexico’s Supreme Court has voted to uphold legal abortion in Mexico City, making the Mexican capital one of only a handful of places in Latin America that allow abortion without limitations in the first trimester. Here’s the early AP story.
There's more, of course, at Feministing.

Yet, the trouble is that doctors can refuse to provide this medical service- just like we're trying to ensure they can in the States as well. According to the NYT, in Mexico City (D.F.):
...85 percent of the gynecologists in the city’s public hospitals have declared themselves conscientious objectors. And women complain that even at those hospitals that perform abortions, staff members are often hostile, demeaning them and throwing up bureaucratic hurdles.
So, although we're making progress, it is still a battle to ensure that back-ally abortions and self-performed surgeries are just a bad memory for North Americans.

In other news, you can read some of my thoughts on Obama's speech and add your own opinions here.


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