Friday, August 22, 2008

Houston Councilwoman Pulls Woman from Burning Car

The Houston Chronicle brings us the amazing story of how Houston Councilwoman Jolanda Jones helped save a woman after a car wreck:
Jones and a friend had just picked up her son from a country-western concert... when they saw the car leap off the tollway near U.S. 59. They stopped their car, called 911 and followed the smoke.

"We just ran," said Jones, 42, a former track and field star at the University of Houston.

She didn't expect to see anyone alive. But when she neared the car, she saw movement.

Then she heard a woman screaming.

Jones and the two men, all of them strangers to each other, tried to pry the woman out, but she was pinned by the steering wheel inside the crumpled car.

Time was running out.

"The window was melting," Jones said. "The fire was coming in."

Finally, Jones leaned in through the back passenger window and put her weight on the driver's seat.

The woman slipped free, and the trio lifted her out the window.
Wow, just - wow.
You can read more about Jones here.

(h/t TransGriot)


frau sally benz said...

Between this and the last post (Sarah Haskins rocks!), this is a great way to end the otherwise slightly depressing day.

Habladora said...

Sorry to hear that your Friday was depressing, but a good real-life hero story is a nice pick-me-up, huh? I hope that in the future I'll be able to act whenever confronted with frightening or dangerous situations, instead of simply leaving action to others.