Sunday, September 28, 2008

Palin is an idiot

I am pleased that the Republicans have nominated a woman for VP, but am disgusted that it is in the form of the under-qualified Sarah Palin. She is clearly way beyond her ability level. She is poorly educated and shockingly ill-equipped for leading a nation.

See below Tina Fey ridicule Palin's interview with Katie Couric on last night's SNL. What do you think? Is this funny or horrifying?


Mächtige Maus said...

Horrifyingly funny in one fell swoop!

fourth wave said...

It's hilarious, but also horrifying because in certain sections of the "interview" Tina Fey is almost quoting Sarah Palin verbatim. Oy.

It frustrates me to no end that the person who could potentially be the first woman in the Oval Office is so incapable of expressing herself and has demonstrated such a lack of comprehension about basic political issues. I was worried that she was going to be a lot smarter and able to convince people of her experience even if was clearly lacking, but now I'm wondering if this is actually worse.

Also, check out Glenn Greenwald's Correction on Sarah Palin on

petpluto said...

It is funny if one assumes she's gonna lose in November. It is horrifying if that turns out to not be the case!

Habladora said...

As Fourth Wave points out some of the worst/funniest bits are word for word from the actual interview. That's scary. Female Impersonators even has a CNN clip up (here) where they showed the bumbling 'bailout... health care.. umm.. job creation' from the Palin interview and then from the Tina Fey mock interview - they're exactly the same. That's right, you couldn't write a sketch that was more outrageous than the actual interview.

Noticed said...

It would be more hilarious if it weren't TRUE! I have a very hard time laughing knowing that this woman could be the face of American women to the international community.

Just like Bush has made it okay for leaders to ignore the law, lie to our faces, and be completely uninformed on world issues, I worry that Palin will set a disgustingly low bar for women in public office.

Anonymous said...

I just remember how we Liberals had our jollies at Bush leading up to the 2000 election. "Look at that buffoon; there's no way anyone that dumb could win," we all said. And we were painfully wrong. I'm just afraid to laugh again.