Thursday, September 18, 2008

Creating a Mosaic

A little over two years ago, I became involved with a nonprofit called The Women's Mosaic (TWM). TWM works to unite and empower women by promoting personal growth and intercultural understanding. It is their mission to create positive social change starting with women themselves, and having that stretch out locally and then globally.

What really got me was the tagline: Recognizing Our Unity; Celebrating Our Diversity. The concept is simple, but often overlooked. Just because we're different doesn't mean we shouldn't strive for unity. Why can't we use our differences to create a greater collective of voices and visions to unite and empower us?!

For seven years, they've hosted events aiming to do just that -- they've examined body image, religion and spirituality, various countries and cultures, women's role in politics, and much more. The events are the core of TWM, and I don't think I've ever left one without learning something new or meeting a woman with a fascinating story.

The latest effort, which I've helped lead, is CHICKS ROCK!, a blog that continues to work towards the mission of TWM: having women share their experiences related to diversity and personal growth. Our hope is that CHICKS ROCK! can reach a greater audience and engage people on a personal level. Maybe it sounds silly, but we really want to create a community where everyone (even men) feels welcomed and wants to work towards the same goal. Who knows, we might fail, but it's worth a try, right??

So head on over there and check it out. There's not too much there now, but in the coming weeks it'll grow, and you can be part of that process! Hopefully, TWM will affect you in the way it's affected me and you'll find yourself stronger and more culturally aware, optimistic, and positive that you were before. At the very least, you'll meet other chicks that rock. =)


Habladora said...

Thanks for the introduction to your organization, and congrats on the site! I know everyone loves to supply ideas, and no one ever wants to help with the work, but... have you all thought about collecting international women's stories about finding their voices and taking action to help their communities and publishing a book?

frau sally benz said...

Thanks so much for having me use this space to do so.

You know, lately there have been a lot of book suggestions, and that certainly would be a great one. Of course, anything like that would be a long way off considering right now it's basically a handful of us volunteering our time to the organization. I don't know much about book publishing, but I'm sure that's not enough time to get one done!

If we do go that route, perhaps you should contribute a little something! GO HABLADORA!!

Habladora said...

Sally, never say that to a writer - particularly not one who is under-employed with lots of free time on her hands! You'll be inundated with material!

frau sally benz said...

HAHAHA I'll make a note of that!