Thursday, September 25, 2008

Halloween Smorgasbord: Pirates, Pirate Costumes, and a Pumpkin Carving Contest!

I. Pirates
We missed Talk Like a Pirate Day, and we are ashamed. Fortunately, CA NOW has a list of kick-ass female pirates for your enjoyment. Really, go read about Back from the Dead Red - you won't be sorry.

II. Pirate Costumes
I wish I'd known about all those pirate women when I was a pirate for Halloween two years ago (well, I actually looked more like Axl Rose - but I meant to be a pirate), it would have made one conversation with my niece go a bit easier:

Lil Miss Ankle Bitter: What were you for Halloween, Aunt?
Me: A pirate! (I was on a big Flying Spaghetti Monster kick)
Lil Miss Ankle Bitter (dubious): A girl pirate?
Me: Uh... I was a pirate, and I'm a girl so... yeah, I guess so.
Lil Miss Ankle Bitter: Girls aren't pirates.

It warmed my heart when that same niece was a pirate for Halloween last year - and not a pink pirate either! I can't wait to tell her all about Sea Queen Of Connemara.

III. Feminist Pumpkin Carving Contest!!!!
That's right - it's on! Carve a feminist pumpkin - it can be a tribute pumpkin or a scary 'jill-o-lantern' - and send us the picture (pobrehabladora at gmail dot com), along with a brief description. Winner gets their pumpkin displayed on our sidebar for a year and a super-secret cool prize. Here is my Princess Leia pumpkin from last year, to give you an idea of what you're up against:

On an unrelated note, TheFU is now accepting suggestions/donations of potential kick-ass prizes for feminist competitions.

UPDATE: Oooo - it looks like my Leia pumpkin has gotten famous, and like we've got some serious competition this year!


Another Anonymous Poster said...

Are spouses of contributors ineligible for the prize? 'cuz I can always pull something of the caliber of my "John Kerry as a young veteran testifying before Congressional hearings on the Vietnam War" pumpkin...

Habladora said...

Yes, you're eligible! In fact, submitting a pumpkin is mandatory for all spouses of contributors. What you should be worried about is which contributors are selected for the judges panel.