Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Innocent Wednesday Reader III

Things to look at:
2 weird cases of police getting out of hand - a University of Florida student gets the stun gun for becoming disruptive during a question and answer session with Sen. Kerry - from the photo it looks like the police outnumbered the student 5 to 1. Also, remember that little old lady that got knocked down and then arrested for sassing a police officer when he wanted her to do more yard work? Well, she is now having to defend herself in court.
Crazies are once again mis-representing science in an attempt to defend their homophobia.
The Episcopal Church is facing a show-down about gay bishops.
Saudi women are fighting a ban on female drivers.
Maryland upholds a ban on gay marriage.
CNN partakes in some not-so-sly editorializing in a piece that evokes Mrs. Robinson and talks of older women "seducing" younger men; all while supposedly reporting statistics that show a rise in acceptance of relationships where the woman is older than the man.
The woman who forced into marriage to a cousin when she only 14 has to clarify that, while she did not use the word rape, she was still forced to have sex by her husband and her community. Sure sounds like rape to me.

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