Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Laziness is Sam Bee's Fault

So, I meant to write about women, sexism, and humor. I was going to posit that we don't give young girls much positive attention for being funny, since humor is often seen as insolence. I was also intending to remark that many men seem to be intimidated by funny women. Fortunately, though, Emily Wilson of Alternet and Paul Farhi of the Washington Post have already written articles that are almost as eloquent and insightful as I was planning mine would be. Farhi, for example, points out that most comedy clubs have a strict one-woman-per-night quota and quotes Eddie Brill of the David Letterman show as saying "...society doesn't like to see a woman in power, and standing on a stage [telling jokes] is a powerful position... a lot of men are afraid to laugh at a woman. It sometimes can turn insecure men into even more insecure people."

So, since those two have managed the insight part to my satisfaction, it frees me up to watch Samantha Bee segments of the Daily Show and laugh and laugh. I will try to embed one of my favorites here, so that you can laugh too.

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