Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday Innocent Reader IV

Alicia Rebensdorf of AlterNet dares to ask the question - can fembots be feminists?
China bans all sexy ads - oh, and also "'Vulgar' adverts for things like breast enhancements and female underwear..." Apparently, men's underpants aren't vulgar. Or perhaps the underpants themselves are male or female?
Our Episcopal Churches have caved to international homophobia and agreed to no longer appoint openly gay bishops or bless same-sex couples.
At fashion week in Milan, billboards featuring photographs of a naked anorexic woman are used to promote awareness of the disease and call for responsible behavior from the fashion industry in regards to representations of beauty - oh, and the billboard is also meant to advertise for clothing. Is this responsibility in advertising or an exploitive stunt? UPDATE: One of the billboards can be seen here.
World famous primatologist Jane Goodall speaks out about the destruction caused by crops grown for biofuels in sensitive environments.
Jake Young of Pure Pedantry considers the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of different sex education programs.
Italy considers whether it is best to fine the clients of prostitutes on the spot, if caught, or to "serve legal papers in clients' homes in order to shame them."
The New York Times says to consider your weight when you were 20 when determining how much you should weigh to maintain your health. Now if I could be speed-walking to class every day instead of commuting to work... oh, and living off caffeine and pizza.
Europeans try to fend-off evolution denialists - and here I thought the States had the copyright on cooks and cranks. Watch out, European ladies, if your legislators are anything like ours they'll be trying to deny your right to birth control pills next.
Oh, and while I won't even pretend that it has anything to do with feminism, news that birds see the earth's magnetic field... visually... with their eyes... well, I'm fascinated.

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