Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another Innocent Wednesday Reader

The hipsters are coming to dinner tonight and I need to clean up the apartment a bit before going to work, so I'll be brief:
The journal Sex Rolls discusses the correlation between media portrayals of violence against women and attitudes towards women.
The Guardian reports on a new study that finds that the pill protects against cancer.
NPR tries to explain to people that immigrants really are trying to learn English.
Life Science explores the important questions like - do bras sufficiently support breasts?
It has been a mere 24 hours since someone last told me that violence against women is no longer a serious issue in our society (as though it could be a not-so-serious issue) and I come across this disturbing story in CNN. UPDATE: The woman held against her will and tortured was African American and an ex-girlfriend of one of her attackers. He had a history of domestic abuse, having been charged with domestic battery and assault after attacking her in July.
Oh, and wearing high heals makes your bones grow in crazy ways.

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