Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Link-Lovin': The Good Stuff

Here are some things I really do mean to write about today, but... it is a really pretty Sunday afternoon here and one of the French restaurants around the corner has a chalk-board out front advertising gingersnap and honey-lavender ice cream. So, I'm making no posting promises. On the off chance ice-cream eating ends up turning into a day-long excursion, here are some 'don't miss' items I found last week:

Racialicious discusses racial ambiguity in a piece called 'Not Quite White,' and Lots of Thinking responds in 'The One-Drop Rule and I'.

Even during a week when we've seen some stereotypes about 'girl brains vs boy brains' refuted, the TimesOnline insists on spouting gender-essentialism in 'Don't teach boys to be like girls'. Ugh.

Sociological Images notes the prevalence of the use of the word woman as an insult.

Don't Ya Wish Your Girlfriend Was Smart Like Me talks about sports, sexuality, and gender.

Hillary Clinton writes an Op-ed for RH Reality Check on Bush and birth control, which is a nice compliment to NewsCat's post.

A reader of Feminist Underground has long been asking for a post on feminist porn, but I've been stalling - mainly because my mom reads this site. So, I can now happily point interested readers to a definitive piece on this subject up at Feministe.

If she's interested, Maus might be able to answer a few more questions about rape kits, and how they are processed...

An AlterNet piece discusses McCain and women

How Many More Workers Will We Let Die in the Fields this Summer?

The Hathor Legacy tells why film schools advise students to write scripts that fail the Bechdel Test (sometimes called the Mo Movie Measure)

UPDATE (I've found more...):

Feminist Chemists looks at the problems with anti-feminist Christina Hoff Sommer's arguments against applying Title IX to academic sciences.

Beijing Olympics organizers have set up a gender determination lab to test female athletes suspected to be males???

Woman Lawyers reverses some of the rules about professionalism
to show how gendered they are.

Oh, You're a FEMINIST?! writes about beauty and privilege

Feminocracy covers the story of a woman who was told that she couldn't wear her hijab if she wanted to keep her job.

Finally, Womanist Musings gives many more links to lots of good reads.

Feel free to discuss - or to leave other 'don't miss' links - in the comments!


FeministGal said...

oh my gosh that ice cream look so good (even at 7:40am as it is here...) :)

Habladora said...

Hey, it comes with a waffle, right? Breakfast food.