Saturday, July 19, 2008

Banana Split

Come morning, I will no longer be a Feministe blogger... I think this calls for a little song:


Renee said...

Guest blogging is great because you get your message out there to more people but there is something comforting about your own space. You never have to quesrtion a post or how you respond to a comment because it is your own space.
I look forward to blogging with you at feminicracy btw. I just started blogging there myself.

lynn said...

Do your thing, wherever it suits you.

Kandee said...

Speaking of guest blogging...I think I'll take you up on that offer...but you might have to give me a while, I'm on a little mental break.

Habladora said...

I really enjoyed writing at Feministe, to tell the truth. Big blogs and little blogs both have their advantages. I have to say, blogging for a big blog certainly exposed me to a diverse range of opinions that made me think... and its no secret that I loved the attention. Writing here, though, makes me really feel like part of a community - you get to know your readers by reading their work.

Oh, and, yes... I'm so excited to be invited to contribute at Feminocracy - I've long been a fan! And, Kandee, we'd love to have you anytime! For those interested in guest-blogging, my email is on my profile!