Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Mom Can Kick Your Mom's Butt (In less competitive terms...Way to Go Mom!)

I come from a family that generally does not like to toot its own horn. Well, I am going to break the tradition here and submit a wee post of congratulations to my mom. She would never agree to an interview for this so it will have to suffice for me to say, “Look at what my mom can do!”

Over the past two days, my eighty-two year old mother was competing in the Tennessee Senior Olympics – Swimming. That’s right; my eighty-two year old mother still swims competitively. She came away from her four events with four wins and four new state records (one of them in the long distance 500 freestyle where she shattered the record by almost seven minutes).

The photo I included of my mom swimming was taken this past November during a trip to Belize. I can barely manage butterfly these days and there is my mom showing me up.

I know she doesn’t think it's any big deal. It's just what a person does. She may have aches and pains, but everyone else does, too. So what does she do? She wakes up every morning grateful to have another morning and she does so without my dad who passed away almost four years ago. She goes to the pool, she gardens, she mows, and she shuttles around the grandkids.

I feel certain I never tell her this enough so to make amends I am going to tell the blogging world. Mom, I am so very proud of you!


Habladora said...

Wow, way to to Mrs. Maus! (I have to be nice to her, because she can kick my butt too...)

Renee said...

WOW good for her! I love hearing stories about women achieving.

frau sally benz said...

wowsers, this is amazing! She seems unbelievably cool. Too cool for me, definitely.

Amelia said...

Wow, your mom is impressive!

That's just great for her. :)

Le Loup-garou said...

Wowee! What an impressive mom!