Friday, July 4, 2008

Cat Lover

I had a lovely visit down South to see my sister. We were reminiscing about our old family practice doctor. She recalled a poster in the lobby which haunts her to today—the kitten sandwich. We easily found it through Google, and I’ve been thinking about that poster for the last week pretty much constantly. Today, I found myself searching again for that image and then guiltily following links into the realm of cat lover blogs.

At what point am I too old to claim to appreciate kitten posters just ironically?

Can I be a feminist and a kitten aficionado at the same time?

Is it wrong to want a kitten sandwich even if I'm a vegetarian?


Habladora said...

While I strongly feel that all kitty cats should be free to independently decide what to do with their own bodies without reference to me or anyone else, I worry that the kitty-porn industry is riddled with abuse. Should there be some kind of governmental oversight to ensure that no kittens are being coerced into sandwiches?

It also disturbs me that, while we make tons of provocative images of kitty cats marketed towards grandmothers, we produce no such images FOR KITTENS. It is like their pleasure doesn't matter to us, or like we expect kitty cats not to have needs.

If we don't start respecting kitty cats, and soon, this might be the tragic result.

Mächtige Maus said...

Not bad, not bad.

However, I feel as if the kitty exploitation industry creates not only food items and violent snipers, but an unrealistic expectation for these wee kittens to be truthful. The sad fact of the matter is we create lying kittens.

Casmall said...

Supersize Me!