Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quick Hit: Catcalling Survey

Zuska is currently spreading the word about a study on women's experiences with catcalling and street harassment. The research is being conducted by Dr. Kimberly Fairchild of Manhattan College, who is looking for volunteers to take an online survey about their experiences with harassment and catcalling by strangers. If you would like to participate, you can take the survey here. It took me about 15 minutes to complete. Questions regarding the survey should be sent to: stranger DOT harassment DOT survey AT gmail DOT com


Anonymous said...

Please stop your hatred of men.

Mächtige Maus said...

Hatred of men? Seriously? That is what you got from this?

Please stop your insensitivity toward the harm that women face on a daily basis.

There, are we even now?

habladora said...

Well said, Maus!

I usually don't let obvious troll comments on - particularly when, like this one, they neither have a specific point nor respond to the post. But, considering that the post is 'you can go take a survey to comment on your own personal experiences,' I thought this troll comment was particularly funny. I think it's telling that inviting women to share their experiences equates, in some people's minds, with hating men.

Anonymous said...

anonomous said
'Please stop your hatred of men.'

This appears to be someone that has something to say, but just doesn't know how to properly formulate more complicated statements, yet.

Anonymous said...

I noticed your post was well-written and spelled correctly.

Please stop your hatred of illiterates.

rootneg2 said...

It's pretty clearly just an empty troll; but nonetheless i think there may be a *small* grain of veracity to the first comment, namely in reference to the fact that specifically only FEMALE respondents are wanted, and MALES are disallowed from participating.

I am transgender/genderqueer(mtf); so my identity is somewhat fluid. At times i appear and am essentially "male", at other times "female", and at least at the moment, i'm usually somewhere in between. Yet even in "full" boy-mode i often get catcalled and verbal street harassment, since i am still fairly femme, it is dark, and i live in harlem (they'll catcall *anything* they think *might* have a vagina... it may be classist, but it's true.) Knowing this, i think that it might be quite useful to gain a "male" perspective on street harassment as well; undoubtedly, some men are also on the receiving end, either due to being mistaken for women, an extension of homophobic "gay-bashing", or otherwise.

I guess in the end it's really about having a more inclusive gender criterion in general, rather than whether or not you simply "exclude men".

just my 2 cents.