Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Irony Behind the Pro-Life

Those who don't believe in abortion find the appropriate course of action to be to kill those who provide it? Is that supposed to be some sort of Biblical justice? Sigh.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California Boggles My Mind

It's not as if I expected the California Supreme Court to overturn Prop8. How does the Court override the voice of the people? Well, it doesn't, as was the fear.

My dear friends now find themselves once again struggling with their love being negated by a mass of people who shouldn't have anything to do with it. Not separate rights...simply equal rights. Their love, my friends love, my love takes nothing away from anyone else.

As Moya states:
Unmarried gay couples "Want to be able to have the dream that one day they'll have a relationship with the highest label in the land, and I want to be a model of that. I think my family is a good model of that."
I've known this family for years. I watch their daughter grow up before my very eyes on Facebook because Agincourt and I cannot make it out to visit. I am here to tell you that you would be hard pressed to find a better family both as a couple and as parents. Anyone out there that thinks their love and their relationship is anything less than what we should all strive for is crazy. I look forward to seeing their young daughter grow up into a world where parents such as hers no longer have to fight for what is a simple right.

Quick Hit: SCOTUS Pick Announced

It's official! President Obama has nominated Sonia Sotomayer for Supreme Court Justice. As most articles are noting, she is the first person of Latino heritage to be nominated for the Supreme Court.

I have to admit that I don't know very much about her, only the little that I've been able to keep up with over the past few weeks of speculation. But she seems a good pick! What do you all think?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

NYC: Addressing Harassment in Public Transportation

Just got this emailed to me:

New Yorkers for Safe Transit Presents
Taking Back Public Transit: Ending Violence On Board
Monday, June 8th, 7:00 pm, Brecht Forum, 451 West St. (btwn. Bank & Bethune)

You shouldn’t have to compromise your safety and well-being to simply get across town. Unfortunately, many New Yorkers do. Harassment — and even violent attacks — are happening on subways and at station platforms across the five boroughs. That’s why New Yorkers for Safe Transit is bringing people together to put a stop to the violence. Veronica Tirado, Girls for Gender Equity; Cate Contino, Straphangers Campaign; Emily May, HollaBack NYC; and Doyin Ola, RightRides for Women’s Safety for a frank discussion about how to address violence and harassment, the issues riders are facing, and how to make effective change. All are welcome to share their own experiences and expertise that we can transform into action.

To RSVP and/or co-sponsor this event please email or call 718.522.0822

Event is free, but donations of $10 per person are appreciated.

NYFST is a collection of organizations and advocates dedicated to eliminating harassment and assaults—particularly gender- or discrimination-based—on public transportation in New York City. The coalition focuses on raising public awareness, community building, and facilitating changes that ensure New Yorkers can get from one location to another safely and securely.