Saturday, July 19, 2008

Joan Tysinger's Wheelchair Diaries

Here is a clip from Joan Tysinger's Wheelchair Diaries, a short documentary in which she chronicles her journeys around the sidewalks and streets of Atlanta, GA:

Joan explains why she decided to make the Wheelchair Diaries this way:
As an artist with a disability, my personal journey towards self-acceptance is ongoing. While many individuals are engaged in this quest, the process of establishing a positive self image is a particular challenge for those of us who are different. I have dealt with physical disability since I was nine months old when I contracted polio. Until recently I studiously avoided focusing my work on any aspect of living with permanent mobility limitations...

In creating Wheelchair Diaries, I have taken on the role of aesthetic activist: my work has begun to open eyes, alter opinions, and hopefully effect change. I am convinced that through this work I have an opportunity to make a difference, and I believe the time is now.

You can read my interview with Joan over at Feministe.

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