Monday, July 21, 2008

Ill Doctrine: How to Tell People They Sound Racist

Of course, Ill Doctrine's method works best for those who have already read Alas, a blog's How Not to Be Insane when Accused of Racism.

(h/t Kandee)

UPDATE: Excellent commentary on this can be found at Jump off the Bridge.


sally said...

I actually posted about this yesterday because I think what he's saying here is really important. I find that (in the blogosphere especially) people are very quick to call others racist or sexist without realizing that: 1) they might not be just because of a particular statement, 2) calling them racist/sexist is a great way to end any discussion and 3) you no longer hold them accountable b/c you've dismissed them & basically said they can't change.

P.S.- Jay Smooth is the bomb and I have a blog crush on him =)

Anonymous said...

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