Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lookie, lookie

My friend Laura recently told me that she only likes entries that point to articles without adding too much commentary. She claims to be clever enough to form her own opinions about what she reads. Seeing as she is a bilingual scientist doctor, she is probably right. So, here goes:

For giggles, read Macho Men, a little piece that draws the revolutionary conclusion that maybe women don’t want men built like rocks, yet ends with this: “We shouldn't be thinking about masculinity in terms of health, which is a totally different thing in women's minds, but in terms of social dominance." What?

For some correlation and causation fun, try Breast Implants linked with suicide study.

For a picture of Joanna Krupa using all her charms for the noble cause of combating the fur industry, visit El País. Who wears fur these days anyway?

For shocking evidence that Democrats might get more funding from gay voters than Republicans do, head on over to the WSJ.

For reasons why grown-up presidential candidates shouldn’t refer to themselves as “girl,” visit Feministing.

And to view the creepiest baby picture you’ve ever seen? Pandagon takes care of that.

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Now that's what I call a good post!
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