Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Innocent Wednesday Reader

Update: I was offered a job, I negotiated for more, and was hired. I have yet to find out if this will result in my being seen as "less nice." I started on Monday, and so far I haven't noticed any hostility, so maybe I'm lucky and have landed some non-sexist co-workers. Caveat: I'm still tragically under-paid.
So, since it is week one of the new job, I'll be brief as I present the Wednesday Reader:
Alternet notes that our failure to secure Iraq has had a detrimental effect on the health of women and children.
Jezebel notes that corporate fashion do's and don'ts are outrageously racist.
Two Dutch news bloggers are caught filming up women's skirts as the women walk up a clear staircase and then posting the videos. The men's defense? That they are activist trying to shed some light on the clear stairwell issue.
And the BBC discusses the problem of baby snatching in Guatemala, where children are being kidnapped and then put up for adoption.

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