Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy first week back in Spain, Martita!

We might be on different continents, but SI contributers can feel closer together knowing that we are all reading the same headlines. Yes, whether in Spain or in the USA, people have one thing on their minds today - how much do we want to see of other people's underpants?


Casmall said...

This sort of thing has been around hasn't it? Wasn't the first such measure laughed out of the Va senate? Also, it reminds me of the hubbub in C-ville over the dress code at Jaberwokee. No one is allowed in wearing a plain white T-shirt for heavens sake.

Mächtige Maus said...

What is this world coming to when I can't show off my boy shorts in public?!

habladora said...

Casmall is right - most of these dress code laws target minorities and are extremely racists. The Jabberwocky fiasco is a prime example - the management established a dress code that "...prohibited articles of clothing such as plain white t-shirts, baggy pants, brimless hats, sweatpants and camouflage..."