Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Little Acts of Protest

Once a year, I enjoy shaking things up for my students by teaching Alfonsina Storni's “Tú me quieres blanca." Basically, it is a poem that rails against the hypocrisy of the sexual double standard that faces women even to this day. I'm not absolutely sure I've converted any young people to feminism, but it does get them thinking, which is always nice to see.

Tobes over at Hear Me Roar also enjoys pulling off the occasional feminist coup, and managed to do a little something to subvert the patriarchy last week when she was asked by her boss to retype 100 pages of text from old management pamphlets into a Word document:
If you can't imagine it being any worse.. jut wait. There were entire sections on, "What a partner's golf swing says about his business style." *head desk* It gets even better. All the references to secretaries-- female pronouns and all the mangers and sales people-- you guessed it-- male pronouns. Naturally I had to do SOMETHING.

So I switched all these references so now the women are out golfing and making business deals and the men are working the front desk -- it's my mini-revolution.
If you've pulled off any similar mini-revolutions recently, we want to hear about them. If not, here are some ideas of things to do this week.


natalie said...

My family is very religious. I always refer to God as "She" around them.

La Pobre Habladora said...

I like that one. Talking to my extended family almost always ends up in a low-grade battle about feminism eventually. There is a lot of gender essentialism out there, and about the dumbest stuff.

"Our girls are just gentler than our son!"

"Yeah, I watch them get into heaps more trouble than he does for hitting, so they've got good motivation to be gentler."

"Well, he also likes to play army more than they do."

"Yeah, he does. Do you think that's because all the movies he watches show men as soldiers and warriors, or because you got him all those toy guns and army-man outfits for Christmas?"

"Well, the girls like to play princess."

"That's funny - when they saw Pirates of the Caribbean the girls wanted to play pirate. I wonder if that is sex-linked too?"