Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Feminist Quiz

Can you spot what's wrong with this image, swiped from Post Secret? (Hint: It has something to do with mean-spirited lies that are often repeated about feminism.)

Pssst... if you need more clues, visit the Female Impersonators.


natalie said...

This would truly be sad if it actually came from a woman who felt conflicted about her feminist views and how they relate to her sexuality. It is a big lie that feminists are supposed to be monolithic in how they get their kicks.

But, guys - this came from a man who wanted to draw a naughty picture that would get posted on Post Secret.

La Pobre Habladora said...

You know, my first reaction when deciding you are right that this comes from a man was to think - "Hey, Post Secret should screen for goofs like this." Yet, I did initially assume that this came from a woman. Ooops, it looks like I've been duped.

So, like you say, not as sad as if it came from a woman. But, it still represents an annoying and often-repeated myth about feminism's supposed constraints on what a woman is supposed to enjoy. The myth is, of course, that if feminist are against sexual abuse, they must be against sex. Or the related myth that Amalia at Female Impersonators explains like this:
"The problem with these all-too-common (false) assumptions about feminists is that they assume that feminism only includes one type of woman, and that woman is a nonsexual, androgynous lesbian. Is that description true of some feminists? Absolutely. But that by no means implies that is the only kind of feminist. Feminism includes so many different women, all with different feminist concentrations, looks, and personal tastes that it is wrong to assume that someone is not a feminist because of one aspect of their life. The picture is much bigger than that.

In short, you can be a feminist even if you like being spanked, as long as you CHOOSE to be spanked. This person's secret makes it seem like she feels un-feminist because she enjoys being spanked, and I would have to heartily disagree with that idea."

Mächtige Maus said...

Well, I can tell you as far as I am concerned...what is wrong with the photo is that I would not be caught dead in those heels.

Oh, wait...does that perpetuate the notion that feminism means nonsexual, androgynous lesbian? I hope not. I hate that misconception. The only thing that is missing with that false assumption is non-shaved legs.

I hate that feminism has been pigeonholed into a morass of labels. It should be simple. Feminism should apply to anyone (female *and* male) who acknowledges that women are strong, competent members of society completely capable of producing at the same high levels as anyone else. Alas, it seems that feminism often comes with the label of bitter woman. Or with the image that was posted.

Amelia said...

You know what is funny? When I was writing my commentary to go along with my post about this picture, I was thinking in my head, "I should write that feminism includes all types of PEOPLE, not just women." But I wrote women anyway.

I wonder why I didn't go with that voice in my kind of bothers me now.

Yeah. I think it would be amazing to see how many people we could recruit to "the cause" if we could abolish all those dumb generalizations (and downright lies) they take for being feminist truths.

Mächtige Maus said...

It really is hard to not get caught up in the concept of feminism = female. I think that those in society who want feminism to fail would adamantly point us away from posts like this one showing dudes standing up for the concept of feminism not as a female issue but rather a human issue.

Dee said...

I really smile at the misconceptions grounding perceptions like that in the postcard. When I think of feminist I do think female but one who is comfortable, outspoken, free and confident and that is definitely consistent with one who is not uptight in bed. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Casmall said...

I think this is a generational thing- I've heard that liberal feminism had a high number of feminist dudes-

feminist dude

La Pobre Habladora said...

And - there is at least one study that supports Dee's theory about feminism and sex. You would think that stats like these would help us recruit some 'dudes' to the cause. ;)

Dee said...

Heh, heh.