Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Shameless Baby-Blogging

Anyone who has heard me threaten to boycott any political / science / feminist/ issue-based blog that randomly publishes pictures of the blogger's beloved cat can now call me as a hypocrite. Not that I'm going to make you look at a cat - I still don't have one and, quite frankly, don't really get the appeal in most cases. Yet, I will now forgive all issue-bloggers for their "cat I love" posting since I am here to post pictures of:

Ty! The newest - and best looking - member of our little community was born early Monday morning.

If I have any say, he'll be chewing on the edges of Judith Butler's Gender Trouble in no time. I wonder if there is a picture-book edition....

Congratulations Andrea and Keith!

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Casmall said...

Look, they come with instructions! Ha Congrats sister, we'll see you and the new one soon.