Friday, March 28, 2008

New Feminist Blog Title Needed

Our little blog's title confuses Google. Really, if someone puts "feminist" or "feminism" in a search with some other word, we only come up if the combination of those two words are used in a post - hence the large number of hits for "feminist poem." So, were you to put "feminist single-sex education" into a Google search, you wouldn't be lead to our post on this subject. Yet, since we have the word "innocence" in the title, well - I think a quarter of our traffic comes from people searching for tips on how to have "innocent sex." I kid not. (Two consenting, sober adults, guys, that's all that's needed. A good safety word can't hurt either.)

So, I am looking for a title that will have the word feminist front and center. Yes, this might increase the number of trolls we attract, but we'll deal with that later. Any good blog title ideas?


Smirking Cat said...

What is the meaning of the blog title you have did you decide on that originally?

La Pobre Habladora said...

Well, you move to a new city and feel sorta homesick so someone says, "you should start a blog where you and your friends can still chat about all the same topics you always do."

"What should I blog about?" you ask.

"Well, just write an essay on whatever comes to mind and that can be the founding post," replies someone.

So you do. It isn't shocking that you write about feminism, since you talk about feminist issues non-stop. And then friend tell you about Site Meter and you realize that it isn't just your friends from home who are reading, that you have a regular reader in New Zealand and a few more in Canada and other places. And you get greedy and start to think... how can I turn this into real power?

How did you decide on smirking cat? Great blog, by the by.

La Pobre Habladora said...

The Blogger Gnomes strike again. The above should read, "Then another blogging friend tells you" - and that should be the only bit that links over to Mark. To make up for it, a link to smirking cat.