Friday, November 2, 2007

Coffee Condoms for Ethiopia, Sweetcorn for China

As the Guardian reports:

Around 300,000 of the coffee condoms were sold in one week when they were launched in September, according to the US charity DKT International.

It hopes to tap into Ethiopia's coffee mania as a means to tackle high rates of HIV in the country, which is said to have invented the drink...

The dark brown condoms smell like Ethiopia's popular macchiato, an espresso with a generous amount of cream and sugar...

DTK has previously introduced flavoured condoms in other parts of the world in an attempt to appeal to local tastes. These included condoms scented with the infamously stinky durian fruit in Indonesia, and sweetcorn-fragranced condoms in China.

It is always great to read about charities promoting safe sex and contraception. But this article has me asking, what would be the best flavor to appeal to the U.S. market? Ketchup?

UPDATE: As Lilith Attack notes, one of the great things about these regionally flavored condoms is that they generate light-hearted discussions about safe sex and contraceptives, a positive buzz which might go a long way to erase some of the stigma still associated with condom use. Some Ethiopians, however, do not agree.

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