Saturday, November 10, 2007

Build A Better Brain, Build A Better World

Right then. Since I have been traveling for a ceremony, a conference, and out of the country over the past three weeks, I have been remiss in my blog contributions. However, I find that I am not completely out of vacation mode so this post will be an easy one.

I was utterly cut off from the rest of the world while in Belize. Upon returning, I checked in at BBC World News to see what might have transpired during my absence. What I came across was a piece about this website. I have been happily expanding my vocabulary while feeling as if I am making a wee contribution to the world. I assume it is legitimate. If not, at least I know that if I ever have to retake the GRE (heaven forbid I get the brilliant idea to *again* go back to grad school) I will be a leg up on the vocabulary section.

UPDATE I: Here is the BBC article that directed me to the website that I linked above.

I noticed that has a link over to where they have provided pre-written letters encouraging the administration of each country that signed the agreements listed below to adhere to the following: "2002 Monterrey Conference and again at the 2002 Johannesburg Summit to make concrete efforts towards giving 0.7% of our national income in aid to poor countries".

Sadly, and somehow not surprisingly, the US is second to last on this list at a dismal 0.17% with no schedule in place to reach the 0.7%. Once I get back to work and have access to a printer, I will be sending off a letter to good old George.

Anyone else?


La Pobre Habladora said...

We are so happy to have you back, Maus! Welcome home!

This is a nifty site - it has all the instant-gratification appeal of a video game, it is a word game that makes us lit people feel clever, and you can justify spending a ridiculous amount of time just clicking the mouse as the rice you've "donated" piles up.

I would love to read the article that pointed you to this site - could you post the URL?

Casmall said...

Great game. My vocab level seems to be 40.

La Pobre Habladora said...

George W. never listens to any of my advice... but I bet I could kick his butt on the rice word game.

Hear that W.? I challenge you!

What should the stakes be?

natalie said...

So. Freakin'. Addictive.