Monday, October 22, 2007

Shamefully Stalling: What Feminist Pumpkin?

Yes, the pumpkin carving party was this weekend. (Happy birthday, me!) And, yes, I promised to post pictures. But... you see, Princess Leia didn't turn out quite as planned. She looks more like Princess Baboon. So, I plan to carve the leftover pumpkin this week. If anyone is up for making a decent Leia pumpkin template, well, I obviously need a little pumpkin help.

Several other people, however, carved beautiful pumpkins. I will post a teaser picture for now, but check back tomorrow - I'll post more photos right here as I get some clearer shots from the awesome pumpkin carving people who were present.

Tonight's Teaser of a Gourd
Scary Vladimir Putin Pumpkin (carved by real Russians!):

UPDATE / EDIT: As Another Anonymous points out in the comments, you have to see the pumpkins lit to really judge their quality. I'm working on getting the pictures of all the pumpkins lit, but for now you'll have to settle for my (slightly) improved Princess Leia:


Another Anonymous Poster said...

How about photos of the pumpkins with the light shining through them? That's the only true test.

La Pobre Habladora said...

Casmall has collected lots of photos on the lab computer, so I should get them tomorrow. For now, let me see what I can do to go ahead and get some lit pumpkins up.