Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Teen Girl Fights Off Armed Robbers with Mad Tae Kwon Do Skills

Kids, I'm not saying you should try this at home, but I have to admit I'm impressed:
...when a San Diego dad who preferred not to be named found himself hogtied by house burglars, his teen-aged daughter--a tae kwon do black belt--fought them off until he was able to free himself and run for help. Father and daughter both survived the ordeal in fine health.
You can read more over at San Diego's NBC affiliate site.


Feminist Review said...

Awesome! Does one really need to say more than that?

Noticed said...

Call me cynical...but I couldn't help but think that this Dad didn't want to be identified because he's embarrassed that he needed to be saved by a girl.

I hope this wasn't the case, but it's definitely the first thing that crossed my mind.

habladora said...

Noticed, you're not alone. Strollerderby posted on this story too, and that was definitely their take.

Dee said...

Too little info to make a judgement on Dad but that is my kinda girl.