Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Gotta Go Home, I've Got a Bad Case of Gay

You're at home in your jammies now, right? No!?? Damn it, people - you were supposed to call in sick today, with a bad case of the gays. Because, if we're going to treat gay as a disease, then we should get sick leave for it. But the point won't sink in unless we all do this at once, and today is the day.

So, go find your boss and tell her that you've got to go home - you feel a case of the gays coming on and you'd hate to spread it around the office. Then you can go sit in bed and watch the new Sarah Haskins video about vampires. This is my type of activism! (Actually, you're supposed to use the time off to volunteer for your local LGBT or Human Rights organization - otherwise you're not doing it right. Still, you could watch the new Sarah Haskins video first - and you can wear jeans and sneakers to volunteer instead of that stuffy button-up you're stuck in now.)

So, get to it!


Not-So-Normal-Mom said...

That is just so awesome!!! :-)

I think I'll call in with the gays at least one a month!!!

habladora said...

Full disclosure: I mainly work from home, so I'm pretty safe from the possible consequences of this particular protest tactic. If anyone did phone-in gay yesterday, though, I'd love to hear about the response you got!