Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feminist Gift Ideas

Economic crisis or no, most of us will still be doing some gift-giving this December. That's right, your mom needs presents, so you've got shopping to do. If you're still looking for good feminist gifts for Mom - or anyone else - here are some of our best ideas:

1. Women in Science points us to several good present ideas for the nrrrd grrrls on the list. My favorite is a "this is what a scientist looks like" women's tee-shirt from YellowIbis. It's customizable too - just in case you want to add "something detailed about you or your research field." Love it. Also, as Loup pointed out last summer, Molecular Muse has some great science themed jewelry - and who doesn't want a pair of estrogen molecule earrings? I know I do.

2. FeministGal of Oh, You're a Feminist?!? not only designs and makes beautiful jewelry, she also uses the proceeds to support her local women's shelter.

3. Someone you know wants a tee with Frida Kahlo or bell hooks on it? Yeah, you know me, don't you? You can get all your feminist shirts and pins at KMStitchery.

4. Another Loup favorite, South End Press has tons of books on feminist topics.

5. Subscriptions! BUST, Shameless, make/shift...

6. Give a chicken. Or a sheep... in the name of someone you love through Heifer International, which promotes gender equality throughout the world by helping women become part of the sustainable development of their communities, enabling them to own livestock and teaching them how to manage their livestock and businesses.

Of course, we're still shopping too - so let us know if you've got any good ideas!


Feminist Review said...

I vote for a donation to a nonprofit that provides social services and/or community organizing in your city. Recession means less funding for orgs that fight for social justice.

FeministGal said...

This is a wonderful list! Thanks for including me :)
Great ideas for gift giving!!

frau sally benz said...

I have shopped at KM Stitchery and FeministGal's shops, so I can say that they're awesome!

I would also suggest a membership or donation in honor of somebody to whatever organization they'd most support -- Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, Equality Now, etc.


We did a couple of blogs on the subject:

Women Shop 2008 is our guide to using your buying power to help women around the world.

Shameless Promotion: ESC Holiday Shopping Guide - we went to the NYC Bust Craftacular this year, so our guide is full of lots of the awesome and talented women that we met there, plus some of our friends. (And of course we had to shamelessly promote our own products a little bit too.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for including me! :D