Friday, May 2, 2008

Breaking News: People Found to Be Individuals (in bed!)

Here is a little study from the Kinsey Institute that the gender essentialists won't appreciate. Apparently, men and women don't actually differ that much in how often they want some lovin' - and individual men (much like individual women) vary a great deal in what gets them going. According to one researcher involved with the study, Dr. Erick Janssen:

Taken together, the findings provide a much more nuanced picture of men's sexuality than is promoted by men's magazines... "There's huge variability among men in how easily they're turned on or turned off, how easily they experience sexual desire and arousal," he explained. "The differences among men and the differences among women are much larger than the average difference between the sexes in almost anything sexual."

So, science tells us that rather than relying on stereotypes about 'what men like' vs 'what women like,' we're all just going to have to take the time to learn our partners' needs and desires, as though they were distinct individuals. Shocking, huh? Now, if someone could just get that memo over to Cosmo and Maxim...

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