Friday, May 9, 2008

5 Mother's Day Present Ideas

One: Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis.
Why it's good: Persepolis Satrapi's autobiography, telling the story of her childhood in Iran during the Islamic revolution. Beautify portrayed are the relationships between Marjane, her mother, and her grandmother. The book is intelligently written, so your mom won't be bored, and since the story is told through a combination of pictures and words, comic-book style, it might be one of the more memorable books she'll have ever received.
Moms who will like this gift are: intellectual

Two: Membership in Indie Fixx Shop's Print of the Month Club, which will send her different prints by contemporary female artists throughout the year.
Why it's good: It supports female artists and gives your mom something beautiful that she might not find on her own. Also, Indie Fixx art comes recommended by the Stroller Derby crew, and that lot usually has good taste.
Moms who will like this gift are: artistic and adventurous

Three: A Harry and David snack.
Why it's good: Like flowers, yummy snacks can easily be delivered - quickly (yes, by tomorrow). Unlike flowers, yummy snacks can be eaten. Also, unlike the pretty knick-knacks you usually get her, she won't feel like she has to find space in the house display your gift for years to come - just to show she liked it.
Moms who will like this gift are: hungry - and not too prissy to eat

Four: Pretty jewelry from greenKarat.
Why it's good: Some of my readers are rich (yeah, you know who you are). If you do have the means buy fine jewelry for your mom on Mother's Day, go buy it from greenKarat. Its good because she'll be happy to know that what you give her is ecologically and socially responsible, and relieved that your financial success hasn't completely spoiled you rotten. Really, she wants some sign that all those silver spoons you sucked on as a baby didn't turn you into a complete brat.
Moms who will like this gift are: eco-conscious activists, pampered

Five: Acknowledgment of how her feminism has made you a happier person.
Why it's good: She made life easier for you, and she should know that.
Moms who will like this gift are: awesome
I'm going to try and let my mom know that she always made me feel smart, and gave me the confidence to speak-up. Also that I'm proud of the work she did before I was born to fight for civil rights, and the work she does now as a counselor in a public school where she continues to fight to make things better for little kids with big problems. I admire how she's never stopped learning and doing new things, and how open she is to seeing the beauty in others. I'm going to try to show her that she's the sort of person I want to be. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! (Don't worry, you'll also get the yummy snacks).


Lindsay said...

I love Persepolis! I really wanted to catch the movie, but I'll just have to netflix, I guess. I also want to read Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, but I requested it from the library MONTHS ago and it still hasn't arrive. Since I work at the library, I've checked up on it and some library people have it and won't give it back. I'm pissed. Anyway. Graphic novels are cool.

La Pobre Habladora said...

The movie was great. You'll cry like a baby during one scene, but I won't tell you which. There is a lot of good, new material and the scenes from the book are beautifully rendered.

I haven't read Fun Home, but your comment makes me think of how many books I'd actually love to give to my mom, who loves to read.

I was just reminded how much I adore Sarah Vowel by last week's This American Life - so another recommendation is... anything written by Sarah Vowell. And she is apparently working on another book - about pilgrims! I can't wait.

Lindsay said...

I love TAL and I haven't caught up on my listening. I've got nearly two months of back episodes to listen to. Sarah Vowell is fantastic. I asked for Assassination Vacation for Christmas and read it all that day at my grandma's house.

La Pobre Habladora said...

I didn't see your post over at Female Impersonator about the TAL T.V. show until after I recommended Sarah Vowel. I should have realized that you'd also be a fan! Assassination Vacation was brilliant, and The Partly Cloudy Patriot made me laugh and laugh.

Dee said...

We are so lucky to have our moms and they set such womderful examples for us to follow.

mom said...

Wow! I am so proud of you and the work you are doing with the blog. love you.

La Pobre Habladora said...

Thanks, Mom! We love you!