Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blatant Misogyny: A Hot Trend for 2008?

Argh. Really, is there a reason for this year's rampant outbreak of misogynistic vitriol? First the LA Times tells us that rape doesn't happen to nice girls (wow, that one still makes me mad), then the Washington Post asserts that we're all too stupid and frivolous to participate in the democratic process. Now Mark of Denialism introduces us to two new woman-hating turds, Vox Day of the World Net Daily and Mike Adams of Townhall. Both have recently published hysterical rants against those nefarious women brazen enough to openly exercise their intellect. According to Day, "a genuine threat to...science today...comes from the same force that is the primary threat to the survival of Western civilization: female equalitarianism." Adams reports that:
when they aren't attending masturbation workshops and orgasm awareness festivals on unc campuses, our feminist "scholars" are usually thinking of new words to ban in order to make womyn feel more comfortable in the workplace.
Charming blokes, these two. Mark H. puts it susinctly when he writes, "Women make great scientists, and I'm tired of these creationist idiots lecturing us on what is needed in the field they don't even believe in."

Really, though, what is at the bottom of all this hate speech? Could it be that having a serious female contender for the presidency is sparking fears that this might be the beginning of the end for white male privilege? Is misogyny just an easy way to establish one's conservative street cred?

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