Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Come One, Come All! Let's Take on Congress!

In keeping with an earlier post, "People keep bossing me around", I am now stepping up to boss around the avid Second Innocence crowd. I have been tweaking this project since I first read MarkH's blog post about The Office of Technology Assessment. If you missed it, here it is and a follow up post is here.

I think my project is now ready for its unveiling.

Please direct yourself to the Care2 petition website to sign the following petition.

Once you have signed it, please direct as many of your friends to sign the petition, and direct them to do the same. We can start a movement. If it looks like this will take off, I can increase the signature goal. At the moment, I have it set at 5,000.

Go to it!

1 comment:

habladora said...

Awesome letter, Maus! Way to take charge!